The Embassy

"Das Tor Berlins"

Diese Kabale wurde dereinst gegründet als Werkzeug, den Zustrom auswärtiger Anverwandter nach Berlin zu kontrollieren und in geordnete Bahnen zu lenken. Ihr gehören Anverwandte aller Bünde an, die meisten wechseln aber nach einiger Zeit in andere Kabalen in der Domäne. Der überwiegende Teil der "festen" Langzeitmitglieder der Embassy sind Kinder der Nacht von außerhalb Deutschlands, die dem Lockruf der Weltmetropole Berlin gefolgt sind.

We are especially open to expats living in Berlin. To this end, we have established a group of Kindred that primarily consists of "expat Kindreds" that came to Berlin at one point or the other. Players of Embassy characters can be native Germans, too, of course, but they MUST be fluent in English, as that will be the default language for "anything Embassy". The Embassy was founded by the First Magistrate (or so the Director of the Magistrate likes to think) as one means to "control" the flow of Kindred coming to Berlin. Of course, the Embassy was quick to exploit this concept, funneling new arrivals through the embassy and making them promise to "repay" that altruistic notion at some time in the future. Most members of the Embassy move on to other groups in the domain later on, so the Embassy has insiders and contacts in almost all other groups of Berlin (safe the True Invictus of the Gloria Noctem cabal, obviously).